This will explain how I ended up becoming a full time
gambler after being a doctor.

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If you want to know why baccarat is the best table game
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The end result of a 45 year long search for gambling “truth” is now available to gamblers all over the world.

Dr. Tom’s Baccarat Home Study Course

The Bacdoctor Home Study Course takes the experienced baccarat player or the baccarat “newbie” through 10 separate paced lessons each with a dedicated video which makes learning the bet selection and money management as easy as possible. Read more

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The “In Person One on One Personal Training” program is a unique opportunity for the individual player who wants to learn the Bacdoctor baccarat system in just 2 days of “bootcamp style” training. All students will be trained personally by the Bacdoctor himself. Read more


If you visit any other website offering to sell you gambling “knowledge” or expertise, how do their testimonials compare in quantity and quality to these? I know for a fact that most of them were written…poorly at that…by the system sellers themselves. I am super proud of my students and their accomplishments at the baccarat tables. Several students actually paid their training fee the first time they played the Bacdoctor System in the casino.

  • Had a great day playing baccarat…. The system tracked the cards very well today. Yes, the direction change triggers were good tonight…didn’t have to switch to column 2 or 3 too soon. In the shoe…out of 42 bets, 24 were correct…win percent was about 56% (more…)
    Trac, CA
    Date: 3/22/2016 Location: California
  • Yesterday I went to a casino I haven’t been to in about a year. The dealers changed at the baccarat table mid shoe and the dealer knew me so we exchanged pleasantries. She saw me with my clipboard and asked what I was doing. I replied winning. She said nothing will beat this game. At that time I was 2 units down. (more…)
    Date: 3/24/2016 Location: Canada
  • Hey Dr. Tom, Just wanted to let u know, just played my second time, won another 4 units. Since I like to play alone, I play at higher limit tables, so those 4 units is like 16 units at a lower table. And it only took 10 hands! I don’t go for a killing, just in and out quick lol. I’m thankful I came across you and your system, thx again! (more…)
    Date: 3/25/2016 Location: Florida
  • Great, THANKS! You are the real deal and I love your program and system. It is absolutely worth every dime. Again, your program is definitely worth the cost because of the time and effort you give back to your students. You are not just selling your program you are more than generous with your time and that is invaluable. (more…)
    Date: 3/31/2016 Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • I wanted sincerely thank you for your updates and your outstanding customer service which I appreciate tremendously. Having the complete system helps a lot when studying the material so thank you very much for resending me a complete package. Every time I read it I learn something new and I improve my game. (more…)
    Date: 4/4/2016 Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Dr. Tom, Thank you for doing exactly what you said you were gonna do. I did not know what to expect when I sent my money to you, but you have way exceeded my expectations!! (Pun Intended). I have won a lot of money over the past month, but when I decided to use only the first two filters, (more…)
    Rodney, Texas
    Date: 4/28/2016 Location: Texas
  • I am back!!! Win $2,200 last night at the casino. Had to use third column pretty quick. (more…)
    Rodney, Texas
    Date: 4/20/2016 Location: Texas
  • I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr.Tom. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Tom in Maryland. (By the way , I live in Southern California) I was very skeptical before I met Dr. Tom. Why? Well, I have purchased and owned just about every system out there. I spent tens of thousands of dollars on this so called "system" that were worthless. (more…)
    Randy, California
    Date: 5/25/16 Location: California
  • Hello Dr Tom, Just a quick update for you. Have been taking it slowly 1 lesson at a time, and am getting a good understanding of the process involved. Have been playing my normal system each day at the casino and then redoing those shoes played through the day again at night with your methodology. Played at the casino today with the methodology for the 1st time and ended up in front 6 black chip units using column 1 and 2 only. (more…)
    Hal, Australia
    Date: 6/1/16 Location: Australia
  • Hello Dr Tom, Another 6 unit winning day today after 45 bets with C1 and C2. Could have got 12 but stopped half way down a XXXX. The 2 betting days have covered the cost of your program and I look forward to many more wins (and loses of course, as these do help us get better at what we do.) Hope all is well with you. (more…)
    Hal, Australia
    Date: 6/4/2016 Location: Australia
  • Hi Dr Tom, I have been studying the method for a week now with many replays and re-reading of the lessons. I started practice and went back to the final video several times to ingrain the last bits of the method. And I must say you have achieved a remarkably beautifully brilliant breakthrough... Congratulations and thank you for sharing! (more…)
    Bruno, France
    Date: 6/6/16 Location: France
  • Hello Dr Tom, All going well with the system. Have won 5 out of the last 6 visits. Lost 1 unit in the losing shoe. Usually stop after winning 5 units. (A good result with black chips.) Worst scenario so far seems to be down 4-5 units in some shoes, but seems to come back with patience and focus on what you are doing. No time for table chit chat at this time. Working shoes at home and some mini bac $25 machines and tables to get my speed up. (more…)
    Hal, Australia
    Date: 6/10/16 Location: Australia
  • Coach, Just got back from Vegas and I learned my lesson. I played 8 sessions of Baccarat and won 7 of them. The range was from $40 – $110 won per session based on flat betting only $10 units. The only loss was $60. The reason for the lost on this particular session was because I was not betting ever hand as the gentleman next to me was making $500 – $1000 bets and I didn’t want to bet opposite of him. (more…)
    Kevin, Chicago
    Date: 5/17/16 Location: Chicago
  • Hello Dr Tom, Thank you for your reply. You do have a passion about the system you have developed. It shows through your comments and is very encouraging to people such as I despite the distance between us. I have been practicing many shoes at home, but find you need to be live and putting some sort of bet out to develop and get the benefit of speed and accuracy. The pressure of actual play. (more…)
    Hal, Australia
    Date: 6/14/16 Location: Australia
  • Hello Tom, Just wanted to say that this weekend was a weekend of great clarity. Finally after doing about twenty five shoes it finally hit me as to the basics of the system. I have clarified in my mind what each column represents (C1, C2 and C3), and very importantly the DOT. (more…)
    Rob, Canada
    Date: 6/27/16 Location: Canada
  • Coach, Hope all is well! I played a shoe this evening at one of the river boats near home. I was able to find an open seat just before they dealt the first hand. Shortly after I arrived at the table another guy sat next to me and cashed in for $2500. (more…)
    Kevin, Chicago
    Date: 6/28/16 Location: Chaiago
  • What is up Tom, I'm officially done with All of the lessons... Took about 2 weeks to master it, since Im doing other things....THIS IS THE FINAL TEST FOR ME!!... I ran a live shoe online, can you Please review it an let me know how I did?... (more…)
    Shaniqua, Michigam
    Date: 7-5-16 Location: Michigan
  • Hello dr tom! An update for you from Rob in Edmonton, I have consistently winning ten (small) units. I am very comfortable with you 'level 5 ' betting process. It nicely divides my sessions into what I call small 5 hand 'mini sessions'. The cool thing his I know exactly how I am doing ever 5 betting hands. (more…)
    Rob, Edmonton
    Date: 7-8-16 Location: Edmonton
  • Hi Dr. Boch, I have completed all the lessons and re-verified my understanding of the system 3 times now. I applied it in live play yesterday, and amazingly it worked over 10 shoes, as compared to all the other "simple" systems I paid online to obtain, many of which you mentioned in your video (more…)
    Date: 7-21-16 Location: Virginia
  • Hey Tom, This is me again, I'm still doing GREAT with your system, but I have a quick question. GREAT TO HEAR YOU ARE STILL WINNING. I'm always reading forums on baccarat... MOST people says it's impossible to beat baccarat long term cause it's 100% random.... (more…)
    Shaniqua, Michigan
    Date: 7-23-16 Location: Michigan
  • Hello Dr Tom, 1st major loss today (a little dramatic for effect) of 12 units over 3 shoes. I had felt something was not right at the time. I went through each shoe hand by hand tonight to find the cause. In 2 shoes I had somehow got the "X"s and "X"'s wrong on 2 separate occasions, (more…)
    Hal, Australia
    Date: 7-29-16 Location: Australia
  • I am very please with the training , change my game from that point. My percent of winning is over 85%. I play over 200 plus shoe Lose 26 shoe Won 160 with 4 and 5 units Won 15 with 10 units or mores. I love the one on one training flying dr.tom To California and I learn in two day I start winning after training. (more…)
    California Couple
    Date: 8-9-16 Location: California
  • Dr. Tom, Your system is amazing I have been winning for 8 months from day one. For the first time I really have strong confident while playing. I had to do some refinements on my MM. I would really like to thank you on this absolutely solid system, and I wish that many people follow and use your system, so that they can experience the same. (more…)
    Ray, Bahrain
    Date: 8-23-16 Laocation: Bahrain
  • Dr. Tom, I like your system. It's complex and intricate- which is a good thing. As you said if it were that easy, everyone would be selling systems and making millions and the casinos will close down (which is not the case- they just opened Wynn Palace here last week it was a $3.8B usd project). (more…)
    Marvyn, Hong Kong
    Date: 8-30-18 Location: Hong Kong
  • Tom, Hope all is well! Just checking in to see how your site is performing and how your travel has been lately. I check the site every day for a new video, blog, testimonial or play report. I’m totally addicted. I’ve been playing a virtual shoe every day since you provided the entire (more…)
    Kevin, Michigan
    Date: 8-31-6 Location: Michigan
  • Hi there a few weeks ago i was at sands in PA and i was winning a lot money Some older gentleman sat next to me and started to fallow me . He asked me what kind of system is that and if I can explain it to him . it was no way I can explain to him . .I told him about you and (more…)
    Emad, New Yoik
    Date: 9-3-16 Location: New York
  • Hi again Dr.Tom, Please find attached a training (I used a coin) with the 3 columns completed, and the betting section. I have ignored the "c's" at this stage. I believe I understand your teachings properly with the 3 columns, (?) but still hesitating with the betting section. In this example, (more…)
    Fab, Australia
    Date: 9-13-16 Location: Australia
  • Hi Tom, It took me more than a month to understand, follow and practice. I don't know how many years of hard work it took for you to invent this type of method. You're simply awesome. (more…)
    Shiva, Edmunton
    Date: 9-16-16 Location: Edmunton
  • Hey Doc just at wanted to give you a quick update. Last night I went to kinder and played 6 shoes (4 units/ shoe) and won all 6 shoes !! The longest It took me to get out of a shoe was my last shoe (#6) @ decision # 38 ... I was able to get out of the others way before decision # 25 (1/2 way mark on the card) (more…)
    Chad, Loiusana
    Date: 9-17-18 Location: Louisana
  • Hey Dr. Tom, just wanted to give you a quick update on our progress! First let me say that you've just become one of the most intelligent people that I know !! How you created such a complex system that can take a random set of shuffled cards (more…)
    Chad, Lousiana
    Date: 10-09-16 Location: Louisiana
  • Hi Dr. Tom, I had a good feeling about you and the method you've developed and my belief is confirmed. I've spent many years looking into any number of programs and systems and without a doubt your approach is ingenious in the balanced/imbalanced tally. (more…)
    Steve, USA
    Date: 10-11-16 Location: USA
  • Here's the 1st shoe I charted at the casino yesterday. It was a bit tough keeping up with all the noise and such so I didn't bet. Grrrrrr wish I would have. At outcome 45 I was at a virtual $700 only having lost 10/26 decisions risking only 1 unit to win 28! (more…)
    Derrick, Baltomore
    Date: 10:24:16 Location: Baltimore
  • Dear Dr Tom, That last video you uploaded "PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER" was just brilliant ! The 48 mins of an actual run through from How a shoe would run from beginning to end really made a lot of sense to me and answered many unanswered questions I was stuck on before. (more…)
    Mervyn, Hong Kong
    Date: 10-25-16 Location: Hong Kong
  • Thanks for the update Dr Tom. I have found the normal program to work well with dominant shoes a lot of the time dependent on the pattern you hit in that shoe. Then again other shoe are just terrible. I've noticed that once one side is double the other side or more then you can expect trouble. (more…)
    Hal, Australia
    Date: 12-12-16 Location: Australia
  • "I would have to compare my tenure of gambling like a walk through the desert... I have tried almost every system out there ... Some, at very best, were an oasis; promising a glimpse of water only to end up with a hand full of sand.... Most were a total and complete scam... What a difference with Dr. Tom, (more…)
    Doctor D
    Date: 1-14-17 Location: Pennsylvania
  • Hey Dr. Tom, I'm using your system to the TEETH, just without following the chops!... My style is more of using a simple 3 step martingale which I know you disagree with!   Lol I get my 4 units with the Marty and flatbet afterwards until one loss occur then I STOP!!... (more…)
    Shaniqua, Michigan
    Date: 1-30-17 Location: Michigan
  • Hey Dr. Tom, Just wanted to send you an email to let you know how appreciative I am for all your help. I stumbled on your website when I was searching for a way to play baccarat. I have a personal friend who plays the game and does extremely well betting $500 to $7k a hand. (more…)
    Dr. H
    Date: 2-17-17 Location: Canada
  • Hey Doc, I want to Thank You Again for for Sharing this Amazing Program with me. I really appreciate how Patient you were with me. I had to go thru several Scam Artists before I finally found you but at the End it was worth it. (more…)
    1 on 1 Personal Coaching Student
    Date: 2-24-17 Location: New Jersey
  • I just received a phone call from F who was leaving the casino (Sands in Bethlehem PA) to report that since his personal training there, he has now made 4 trips to the casino with the goal of winning +$250 per trip which originally was his weekly goal. (more…)
    Dr. Tom
    Date: 3-8-17 Location: Pennsylvania
  • Hey Doctor Tom! Thank you for speaking with me today on the phone. I just wanted to say that I appreciate this system very much and that I am doing very well since becoming a student last fall. I have been playing with $25 chips and average about $75 to $100 per day going through 1-3 shoes. (more…)
    Marc, San Jose, California
    Date: 3-23-17 Location: San Jose, California
  • Got this text message 2 days ago from my last 1 on 1 private training student. There are no casinos close by so he has been playing live online with small units to get ready for an upcoming "assault" on Las Vegas. Been in bovada off and on- not every day - been averaging 100 a night- got to 205 just a minutes ago. I've lost a couple sessions but made up the loss on the next. Had 400 when I was meeting with you- it's now built up to 1200.
    Phil Georgia
    Date: 3-30-17 Location: Georgia
  • Thank you, i will study lesson 4 thoroughly. So far i have been playing live with column 1 and make average 100 a day with $10 unit, almost always flat bet, thank you so much. Since having your system i play very good 😄👍 I have been doing it for the last 2 weeks and usually i played about 2 1/2 to 3 shoes in the Baccarrat machine. Live game with live dealer at the Palms, Rio and Palazzo here in Vegas, i love it because nobody's bothering you Yes i love these stadium baccarat, now Palace Station and Lucky Dragon have them too. I have alot of choices but i love the atmosphere at the Palms. (I can't remember if I asked if you had tried/bought any other systems before getting mine?) No i did not buy any other systems (Good...You saved yourself a lot of wasted money and time.) Yes i did thank you again, when you go to Vegas i will take you out for Vietnamese food
    DM Las Vegas
    Date: 4-5-17 Location: Las Vegas
  • Dr Tom is a totally different teacher , why did I say that ? the reason is I am a Asian student, my english is weak, when everytime I I having problem learning the lesson, sometimes I will call Dr Tom, and surprisingly, he pick up the phone and explain to me nicely . And I always bother Dr Tom and email him to ask a lot of questions and doubts , and surprisingly again he will reply you in a couple hours when he busy or sometimes even after 5 min. As my English is not strong, my question sometimes not clear and I keep asking same question over and over again, but he didn't get frustrated at all and always being patient and explain to me over and over again to my same questions. It's been two month already I am still in learning curve, and Dr Tom still giving me strong support and assist me a lot in my study. I really can't describe how efficient and how patient this teacher is, but I can strongly feel that he is really care about you as his student. I can see he really want us to improve and learn better . As not every online seller will really treat you like a real buyer nor student. For me, the system is really not easy , I believe the true good thing is always not as easy as scam stuff . As like studying a profession , it would required you to pay more effort and hard work to gain a success. And I slowly see it works, the more I learn and understand moving from c1 to c2 to c3,the higher percentage u can see W in the end of the shoe, and it is really excited !
    Jessee, Austrailia
    Date: 4-25-17
  • Note from Dr. Tom:  If you are a prospective student, this story may scare you away from buying my training because this student mentions several times that it has taken him a relatively long time to learn it.  In contrast, one of my students several months back learned the entire system in under 12 hours.  I know this because he sent me a shoe he had played just 12 hours after purchasing the information and there were ZERO mistakes! In coming to a decision, you might ask yourself this..."do I want to buy an easy to learn system which may not win long term or a harder to learn system that will be a consistent winner?" If my main goal were to scam or trick you into becoming a student, don't you think I would have removed the parts in this testimonial and the others which say the same thing about this NOT being quick and easy to learn?   Hi Dr. Tom, I wanted to you quick update on my progress and say thank you.  I had never played baccarat before purchasing your program, but was told it had the best odds of all the casino games and I also liked the idea of having the option to bet on the player or the house so I wanted to give it a try. After researching (as best I could) some of the many systems out there, I decided to give yours a try. As you know, It took me a couple of months and many calls to you to really get the system down well enough to try in the casino.  I'm not a very good student and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that your support after I bought your program is as good as advertised.  I really had my doubts just how much contact with you I would have if I needed it. However, you have held up your end of the bargain. I've reached out to you at least 8 times and you have always answered or returned my calls in a timely manner. For this, I can not thank you enough! I have been playing in the casino for a little over a month to this point and I have won much more than I have lost.  I have had more than 5 winning shoes for every loss in fact.  However, while I do have some losing shoes, keep in mind that more than half of them are from mistakes that I made in the tracking or just flat out bet wrong.  It is personally frustrating when that happens but makes me feel even more confident in your system, which is weird. 😄 The system is not an easy one but I'm getting more confident by the day.  Not just implementing the system but also getting myself mentally ready to enter the casino and staying focused. I just wanted to say thank you again for all the support and I will talk to you soon.   J
    J Las Vegas
    Date: 6-1-17 Location: Las Vegas
  • Hi Dr. Tom, This is a review & testimonial for you and the system you had developed. I will be honoured if this was featured on your website. Its been 2 days since I've put your system into practice and I'm very pleased with the results to the point where it seemed as though it was too good to be true. Spending 4 full days of intensive learning to be able to properly utilise this system, I cant be more thankful for the timely response as well as the guidance you had given me that has tremendously aided my learning. As of today, I had played a total of 6 different shoes and had managed to win 5 Shoes out of 1 Loss. Although I am still not confident with my bet selections, I was still able to consistently yield 3-4 Units per shoe without even having to use or given enough information to chart the 3rd Column which is a huge relief considering how early I can get out of the shoe. I still have tons of practise and work I have to put in before things become fully autonomous and I can't wait for the day where I can put my ultimate trust and confidence into using your system at a 100%. To those who are still spectulating on picking up this lesson, I can definitely tell you that $700 is a small price to pay as compared to the knowledge and rewards you will benefit from this system. Consistency is key and I can say for sure that it was not easy for me to pick up the system as I expected myself to blaze across these lessons in a single day. Dr Tom was absolutely right to say that this is a marathon, not a sprint. You may encounter doubts along the way and your confidence will waiver as you question yourself if the time you spend will be ultimately worth it, seeking comfort as you go back to your usual style of betting but I urge you to believe in the system and push ahead and your efforts will surely be rewarded. To Dr. Tom, seeing from one of your videos that you have students from over 19 Countries, I will be humbled to know if I am the only student in my Country to be able to succeed in your system. This is perhaps the last email I will write to you and I can't thank you enough for the sharing something you spent 45 Years of turmoil to come up with. With that, I wish you all the best and hope to be able to thank you in person when I grow older. Warmest Regards Kah Sha Singapore
    Kah Ska, Singapore
    Date: 6-9-17 Location SIngapore
  • Hi Doc, won 250 last night. Played 2 shoes and after 10 units of $25 flat betting, I quit. I missed a golden opportunity, in the second shoe. I stopped at +10 units. The +'s ran 14 in a row and I could have made another +8 units! . I remember you talking about that in the video's. But a win is a win and I I'm not complaining. Maybe a little haha..Roc to Roc Great Job Rocky! The lesson here is after winning 3-4 wins in a row up to your win goal...keep betting until you lose...then exit the shoe. Dr. Tom
    Roc, FLorida
    Date: 6-18-17 Location: Florida
  • Dr. Tom, I just wanted send you an awesome review. I am continually learning this game. I have paid for another system/method. I love yours the best. As random as the game is, there is skill involved and your system recognizes it. I finally got to practice at a live table at The Horseshoe in Council Bluffs, Iowa. I learned a ton being at a live table. YOUR SYSTEM WORKS. I so appreciate all of the support you have given me and continue to give me 😊 I also appreciate the updates! It boosts my confidence knowing that you too are playing and improving your system. Thank you!! Leslie Fort Collins, Colorado
    Leslie, Fort Collins Colorado
    Date: 6-30-17 Location: Fort Collins Colorado
  • Good Morning Dr. Tom,
    I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for all the great coaching you provided me as I was learning your system. It took about a month of studying before I was ready to practice on paper and nearly 6 weeks before I started practicing online. And it's been a success!
    But first I want to mention that, during that time, I had so many questions. And I want to speak directly to any potential students that might be considering this course. Dr. Tom provided outstanding customer service. He answered every question and in very good time---getting back within a few hours, if not minutes, via email. And yes, he absolutely does answer his phone  and will take the time to speak with you personally. You will find him genuine and patient. Dr. didn't have to make this available. He could have kept it to himself and just made money for himself. But he genuinely likes to teach and wants to help others improve their lives.
    Dr. Tom has developed something that amazingly helps you to win playing Baccarat. And it's pretty elegant as well. I had played online a little bit before using a system or two that did not work. But to my pleasant surprise, Dr Tom's system works---if you work it! I really believe that a student must listen to the teacher/instructor and do exactly what he/she tells you to do. It took a lot of discipline and real work to learn this course but I was committed. And he was there every step of the way.
    After studying for 6 weeks and doing practice play online for 1 week, I have just finished a week of playing live, with real money. And I'm happy to say that I more than doubled my money---winning 2.5 times what I started with....all within a week!!
    And I did this while making a lot of mistakes! I found that there truly are some bad shoes where you lose the first 3 bets you make. But thankfully that's not the norm. My accuracy has improved and I am now winning 80% of my shoes. I imagine it can only get better from here on out.
    I've been a pretty conservative player and make my games short---going for 4 or 5 units. As I grow in confidence and get more comfortable, I hope to scale everything upwards and increase the amount of my bets, which will mean more money in my pocket 🙂
    This is not an overnight, get-rich-quick scheme, as you do have to put in real effort and work ---due to the learning curve. But If you're looking for a way to earn good money with something that actually works, take Dr. Tom's course. The potential is nearly limitless. And as I've heard the famous hockey player Wayne Gretzky say, "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take."
    Robert, Missouri
    Date: 7-31-17 Location: Missouri
  • Received 8-18-17 from a 21 year old female student from Alabamba   Hello Dr. Tom. I'm giving you an update. I haven't played much bc of my work schedule but I plan to pick it back up my last time hitting the casino at the end of June I won 100 one day and 200 the next day playing $10 chips. I only played one deck. I am currently trying to build my bankroll some more and hopefully start at $25 chips by the end of sept. I plan to be at $100 chips by feb. thank you for this system. I think the times I've lost has been because of my errors on charting. Other than that everything is going good. Best wishes to you.. Brittany  
    Brittany, Alabama
    Date: 8-18-17 Location: Alabama
  • Hi Dr. Tom: Thank you very very much for your very very powerful baccarat system I used it in the Online Casino and Land Based Casino here in the Philippines and it really works, the amount that I paid for your system was covered by my winnings playing baccarat. However, my only concerned is that I'm the only player in the baccarat table using the score card that you recommended which every player in the table are curious for the unique score card and some of the player are following my bets which bothers me. Can you give me some advice on what to do? Im worried that if my winning ways will be discovered by the Casino I will be banned from playing in their premises. Your Student, Ed P.S. Im also interested in purchasing your Roulette System that you develop which was made mentioned by you in FAQ,
    Ed, Philippines
    Date: 8-18-17 Location: Philippines
  • Received 9-4-17   Hey Dr Tom. I have been in Baltimore for the weekend and I have played $25 tables at Maryland Live. I've made a $500 profit for two days of playing. The system is solid. I appreciate all of your help. Thank you so much for everything.
    Brittney Baltimore
    Date: 9-4-17 Location: Baltimore
  • Hello Dr. Tom.
    I just wanted to give you a quick update on my progress
    so far with the system Today I did my first practice session
    with real baccarat hand results from an online casino.
    I was pleasantly surprised to have accumulated 9 units
    in my first session. It was almost uncanny as to how accurate
    the system was and I did not even leave column one to make a bet!
    i know all sessions will not be that way and I also know I still have
     a lot to learn but I am excited about the potential of playing with your
    method and even more excited about the potential of the hybrid once I
    get this method under my belt.
    Thanks again for your patience with me.
    Have A Blessed Evening!
    Owen, Pennsylvania
    Date: 9-14-17 Location: Pennsylvania
  • I have known Dr Tom for 3-4 years now, and he's always been the highest level professional. Over the many times I've reached out to him during that time with questions or comments, he's always been available right away, or has gotten back to me within the hour. He has personally tried every system out there and brings decades of live wagering experience from casinos all over the country. Dr Tom also brings a level of patience and genuine caring for all his students you will rarely find in any field or subject. Every systems he's created that I've seen has been pure gold, but the latest one he has, coupled with the unique "XXX XXXX" money management style, is a bloody miracle. It changed an 11 unit losing shoe into a 18.5 unit winning shoe, simply amazing! His system has held up beautifully over hundreds & hundreds of shoes, and he's always looking for and sharing ways to improve. I wouldn't waste time with any other teacher or systems - Thanks Dr Tom - Josh K f/ Florida
    Joshua, Florida
    Date" 12-4-2017 Location: Florida


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